Quiet Family-Oriented Camping in Scenic Butler County.

Meet Your Hosts

Peaceful Valley Campground OfficeA little history: In 1970, Paul and Ruth Kimmel purchased the 62 plus acres from Rev. Vincent Marinaro of the St. Michael’s Roman Catholic Church. The Kimmels had a vision of a small family campground, worked hard to achieve that dream and aptly named it Peaceful Valley Campground. However, in 1989, the property was sold to Robert and Carol Murley. They ran the campground until 1992 when they sold the property and business to Sandra Hirsch, who as many recall, ran it as a Yogi Bear Campground. In approximately 2000, the property was purchased by Eva and Karl Neuber who returned the property to the original name of Peaceful Valley Campground. Sometime during their ownership, they sold off one acre with the farmhouse. Now the property is 61 plus acres. In September of 2005, Glen got the “wild idea” to sell everything (except the wife and dog) we owned at a public auction, and purchase a campground, then move to the other side of the state.

Here we are! Glen has spent many hours working to restore the campground to the pristine condition of the Kimmels’ ownership and added many new updated features.